#5 – CC @ H2R

Official Results



Joshua Jach
J.C. Krueger
Joe Villemarette
Lance Dvorak

Overall Position


Class A Position


What a crazy day and a very tough race! From dodging flying wheels on track to a first first place win. Due in part to everyone being consistent we had no down time and managed to log a lot of laps. We played the role of tortoise in this endurance race and out ran the top running competitors in A Class. We weren’t too slow tho, 75 laps into the race we held 4th in class and over the next 129 laps we worked our way into 1st in class. From there the team in 2nd place had a driver swap and we gained a few laps on them. However their final driver was quicker tried hard to catch up but we held onto our lead.

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